Bakery Packaging Closures

Just as flour and yeast are staple baking ingredients, a Bedford Twist Tie® is essential to bread bag and bakery reclosability.

The easy-to-use twist tie is our tried and true bag closure, helping bakeries meet rising consumer’s demands for product longevity. Maybe you want your closure to clip. We can do that too, with our latest line of CloseIt® clips, tags, and flags!

Whether it twists or it clips, customize the closure to your heart’s content!

Our pallet of colored twist ties and special patterns helps keep bakeries organized. The wire twist ties can be completed with all plastic, all paper, or a combination of paper/plastic encasing. Top off customization with just the right length and packaging option.

Become the lead designer with our CloseIt series. Choose an eye-catching custom print or go wild with a unique shape.



Small pile of flat red twist ties.

Cut Tie

Fully encased wire with our exclusive “flush-cut” ends make our tie safe, easy to handle, and rust resistant. In addition to our full range of stock cuts, we can help with custom colors, sizes, and lengths. You’ve got the best when it’s a Bedford Twist Tie®.

Red twist tie wound around a spool.

Spooled Tie

Use our twist tie spool in your tying machinery, or cut to length from our spools and apply by hand. We offer a wide range of colors, custom printing, profiles, lengths, and spool put-ups. Need application equipment too? We can help guide you in the right direction—from desktop applicators to full-scale factory equipment.

Printed Tie

Need more than a standard twist tie? Let your creative juices flow and add a splash of color with a unique design to demand attention. More of the modest type? Coordinate your packaging to blend-in and extend your branding.

Red twist tie material on a Precision Wound spool.

Precision Wound® Tie

We pioneered the perfect spool. Our Precision Wound® spooled tie makes high-speed automation effortless with longer runs, faster machine rates, and less downtime.

Red, wire-free twist ties on an illustrated bag.


The perfect tie when a project requires a metal-free solution. Our wireless ties are consumer-approved, microwaveable, and eco-friendly (ASTM D5511-02).

A red bag clip illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Clip

This time-tested, dependable “Clip” will work in your application machinery. And, if you want to spice it up, Bedford’s exclusive CloseIt Clip “Designer Series” offers eye-catching custom print and branding to your bag closure.

CloseIt® Tag

CloseIt Tag brings personality and uniqueness to an ordinary fruit and vegetable bag closure. These shaped tags offer even more ways to be engaging, informative, and functional.

CloseIt® Flag

Flag your customers down with a custom-printed CloseIt Flag. Our best-in-class print and exciting Flag shapes come attached to a CloseIt Clip so you can automatically apply it with your current equipment.


ClipBand™ is ideal for bags that have a shorter neck or are made of a lighter weight material. Our wide variety of available lengths and colors will provide any sized bag with an easy-to-use reclosure.


ClipTag™ offers you a reclosable feature with the added bonus of a mini branded billboard! Combining function and creativity, this new tag closure brings unique possibilities to your packaging.

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Nothing says staying organized like color coding. With an extensive twist tie color palette and patterns, your bakery will be ready to make any number of product distinctions. With customizable colors and prints, our CloseIt clips, tags, and flags allow you to do the same!


We won’t leave you hanging when it comes to product application. With our reputable machinery partners, automatic or semi-automatic application is simple, fast, and effective. Ties or clips will leave our site ready to insert into your machinery, you just have to hit ”Go!”

Trusted Reputation

By choosing Bedford, you get a reclosable product that has a reputation for being trusted. We’ve evolved with the times, but our twist tie remains our oldest product that we‘ve perfected over more than five decades! You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of experience elsewhere.


"Testimony about bakery stuff" -Pillsbury Dough Boy
Growers, Retailers, and Consumers can now Return and Recycle Bedford Produce Tags & Ties

Bedford’s tags and ties are used in a variety of industries and households across the country. Due to the American recycling system’s limited capabilities, Bedford launched TagBack™, which gives supply chain members and consumers a recyling option. Learn how to be part of the solution at

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