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Whether it’s keeping bread fresh or making morning coffee a breeze, Bedford tie products bring ease and function to many everyday items. Our heavy duty twist ties, bag ties, and tin ties can be reclosed time and time again, outlasting the initial product they’re intended for.

We give you the freedom to choose the best look! Create your style from our growing palette of colored twist ties, unique prints and patterns, or get extra fancy with our gold or silver twist ties.

An orange Dunkin' Donuts coffee bag with its Double Wire Tin Tie ears sticking straight out against a light background.
A loaf of white bread closed by a yellow twist tie with a light kitchen background.

Choices don’t end there: our wire ties can be manufactured with all plastic, all paper, or a combination of plastic/paper and tailored to the length you want.

Not only have our twist ties withstood the test of time, they’re easy to use and cost effective. Your ties will not only serve their initial purpose, they’re ideal for consumers to reuse around the house. The opportunities are endless!


Small pile of flat red twist ties.

Cut Tie

Fully encased wire with our exclusive “flush-cut” ends make our tie safe, easy to handle, and rust resistant. In addition to our full range of stock cuts, we can help with custom colors, sizes, and lengths. You’ve got the best when it’s a Bedford Twist Tie.

Red gang ties illustrating perforated separation.

Gang Tie

Perforated sheets of ties are a consumer favorite. Almost any tie can be made into a “gang” tie, including our metal-free PolyTwist® tie. Our “gang ties” can be custom printed for branding, messages, or instructions.

Red twist tie material on a Precision Wound spool.

Precision Wound® Tie

We pioneered the perfect spool. Our Precision Wound® spooled tie makes high-speed automation effortless with longer runs, faster machine rates, and less downtime.

Thick tie with red and white zig zag pattern.

Printed Tie

Need more than a standard twist tie? Let your creative juices flow and add a splash of color with a unique printed design that demands attention. Or, coordinate your packaging to blend in and extend your branding.

Red, wire-free twist ties on an illustrated bag.


The perfect tie when a project requires a metal-free solution, and it’s microwaveable, too. Bedford Industries’ patented PolyWire® core is the key to our wire-free tie. They’re available in spools or pre-cut lengths and a variety of colors.

A red vegetable twist tie on illustrated leafy produce.

Produce Tie

Brand identity, traceability, and product information—all with our top-quality Produce Tie. We can customize our Produce Ties with your brand colors, company logo, and farm specific barcode, not to mention custom lengths and sizes. [showhide type=”ptie” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Less”]Or keep it simple and choose from our standard commodities and options. Even after days of shipping and water misting, your Produce Ties will look great—and stand out on the shelf.[/showhide]

Red tie with tag around bunch of illustrated leafy produce

Bib Ties®/Flag Ties®

Your brand deserves attention—give it some billboard space. Our Bib Ties place a tag in the middle of the twist tie where you can share your story, inform consumers, or simply make your brand stand out. [showhide type=”bibs” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Less”]We custom print our Bib Ties, with options for printed tie and tag shapes. Our tags are water-resistant, and plastic-encased wire prevents rusting. You can rest assured your brand will look great from the farm to the table.

Want a tag on the end of a twist tie? We can do that! Our Flag Ties are perfect for identification and traceability. We can even give it a writable surface—great for inventory and hard-to-label applications. Perfect for the farm and industrial uses.[/showhide]

A blank red Push Tag inserted in cabbage butt illustration.


Just because this doesn’t have “tie” in its name doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong! This sturdy, water-resistant, attractive tag resembles our ties, but with more marketing space, and is ideal for branding cabbages and lettuces. With UPC and PLU data, these tags meet retailer expectations for quick, accurate scans at checkout.


Illustrated red Double Wire Tin Tie on clear coffee-style bag.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Bedford Double Wire Tin-Tie spools do the job when your process utilizes automation equipment. Standard and custom spool lengths are available in plastic, plastic/paper, paper, or metallic with many colors to choose from, as well as custom printing options. Expect reliability when you see the signature railroad pattern on our material. Application equipment needed? Ask us for a referral to our many machine partners.

Red tin tie illustrating adhesive back.

Peel & Stick®

Roll N Close®