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We get exhausted just thinking about what an extensive list of all the ways our tie materials are used in packaging would look like.

From housewares to hardware departments or even the industrial sector, and the list goes on, or even the industrial sector,

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A red ElastiTag hang tag on a pair of illustrated medical scissors


We took our ElastiTag and made it even more versatile for the medical industry by creating a tag finish that allows users to identify and label on the spot. This hang tag can fit on even the oddest of shapes, making it a perfect solution for tagging medical devices and equipment.

PET face shield attached to red elastomer


Add an extra layer of protection with the ElastiShield, a PET shield attached to our flexible elastomer for a comfortable fit on any shaped head. Designed with flexibility of uses in mind, the elastomer affords room to be worn with any combination of a cap, hardhat, goggles, and mask. Simply folding the elastomer gives the PET shield an adjusted angle.

Red ElastiTag hang tag illustrating securing two small vaccine bottles together


Whether preference or necessity, some things work best in twos. Our tote is the perfect packaging solution to keep medicines or vaccines stocked together. Specify how the product is to be taken by printing a custom tag, or leave it blank to label as you go!

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We design products based on the medical industries’ needs. That mission carried us through our fast-paced face shield design as a response to pleas for personal protective equipment following the coronavirus outbreak. Our engineers will continue responding as the medical landscape evolves.

Certified Quality

We understand the importance of medical communities to maintain a sterile environment. As a significant member of the supply chain, we realize we have a responsibility in achieving that care. We are a BRCS-certified site, which recognizes elevated standards in regard to quality, plant sanitation, and safety.

U.S. Manufactured

Using both domestic and international materials, Bedford’s products are manufactured at our U.S.-based manufacturing facility. Conveniently located in the Midwest, our transportation division quickly gets product from our floor to its destination.


Bendable Components

Bendable Components



"Testimony about medical product" -Dr. Fauci
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