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Time is a valuable resource. Spend less time worrying about produce packaging and let Bedford’s team help get your crop retail ready.

Our team of experts will provide guidance the entire step of the way to create quality produce ties and tags that communicate your brand throughout its entire journey from farm to table.


Bedford’s fresh produce packaging provides more than a bundling and tagging solution. Our team of graphic designers can help build your durable “mini-billboard” that is sure to grab consumer’s attention and resonate with them during each trip to the store for more!

We won’t forget about the essentials! Our team will help you meet retailer requirements by printing your custom barcodes on your tag or tie so that it’s easily scannable at checkout. Add other important information, like country of origin, if the produce is registered organic, and any other information you want to communicate with consumers on your stylish reduced-plastic packaging.



Red tie with tag around bunch of illustrated leafy produce

Bib Ties® and Flag Ties®

Your brand deserves attention—give it some billboard space. Our Bib Ties place a tag in the middle of the produce twist tie where you can share your story, inform consumers, or simply make your brand stand out. We custom print our Bib Ties, with options for printed tie and tag shapes. Our tags are water-resistant, and plastic-encased wire prevents rusting.

Want a tag on the end of a twist tie? We can do that! Our Flag Ties are perfect for identification and traceability. We can even give it a writable surface—great for inventory and hard-to-label applications. Perfect for the farm and industrial uses.

A red vegetable twist tie on illustrated leafy produce.

Produce Tie

Brand identity, traceability, and product information—all on our top-quality Produce Tie. We can customize vegetable twist ties with your brand colors, company logo, and farm specific barcode, not to mention custom lengths and sizes. Or, choose from our standard commodities and options. Even after days of shipping and water misting, your Produce Ties will look great—and stand out on the shelf.

A blank red Push Tag inserted in cabbage butt illustration.


These sturdy, water-resistant, attractive tags are ideal for branding cabbages and lettuces. With UPC and PLU barcode data, these tags meet retailer expectations for quick, accurate scans at checkout. Not to mention—the tag uses more than 70% less plastic than a traditional overwrap!


Just Snap-A-Tag onto a rubber band and voila, instant branding! Our Snap-A-Tag products apply easily to large and small rubber bands, or directly to the vine or stem of flowers. We bring our high-definition, custom printing to these durable, water-resistant tags.


You can brand and bundle simultaneously with this “ultimate hangtag,” which safely attaches to fresh produce. The durable elastomer stays in place and isn’t afraid of getting wet. And, with nearly an unlimited number of sizes and shapes, you’re bound to find the perfect fit. If not, we’ll help you develop it!

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ElastiTag® Band

Don’t let anybody get lost from the pack! Keep ‘em together with the ElastiTag band, which stretches for an ideal fit every time! Its most widely-used application by the produce industry is to keep bananas bunched together, which is especially important to organic banana farmers. By the way, this band uses 70% less plastic than a traditional plastic banana bag!

CloseIt® Tag

CloseIt Tag brings personality and uniqueness to an ordinary fruit and vegetable bag closure. These shaped tags offer even more ways to be engaging, informative, and functional.

CloseIt® Flag

Flag your customers down with a custom-printed CloseIt Flag. Our best-in-class print and exciting Flag shapes come attached to a CloseIt Clip so you can automatically apply it with your current equipment.


ClipBand™ is ideal for bags that have a shorter neck or are made of a lighter weight material. Our wide variety of available lengths and colors will provide any sized bag with an easy-to-use reclosure.

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We’ll get your fresh produce retail ready by printing your custom barcode to the tag or tie best suited for your packaging needs.. Adding a barcode is not only required, but the improved traceability helps protect farmers.

Quick Turnaround

We get it — when Mother Nature is involved, it can be hard to predict what kind of harvest you’ll have when you first get your crops in the ground. To work with our farmers, we offer a reasonable lead time so that the quantity is more accurately estimated as harvest approaches.

Plastic Reduction

In-house research has shown that Bedford offers more eco-friendly produce packaging than traditional counterparts. Whether the project calls for an ElastiTag, PushTag, or ElastiTag band, you can reast easy knowing you’re packaging produce with 65% less plastic than alternatives like plastic overwrap.

With Bedford, you can be assured your produce is in safe hands! After a rigorous audit of our facilities and processes, we received BRC certification. The certification acknowledges that we have elevated standards as it relates to quality, plant sanitation, and safety.


Produce Tie
Bib Ties®
"Testimony about produce" –WP Rawl
Growers, Retailers, and Consumers can now Return and Recycle Bedford Produce Tags & Ties

Bedford’s tags and ties are used in a variety of industries and households across the country. Due to the American recycling system’s limited capabilities, Bedford launched TagBack™, which gives supply chain members and consumers a recyling option. Learn how to be part of the solution at

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