Bedford Industries doesn’t share the same meaning to everyone who hears it. At mention, you may immediately think of our oldest product, the Bedford Twist Tie®. For others, Bedford means a creative ElastiTag® or functional CloseIt® clip. Perhaps we’re known for our flexible wire used in surgical masks and drapes.

We’re willing to bet you wouldn’t be surprised if we told you the Bedford you know and depend on today isn’t the same as it was more than five decades ago. We were born from our founder, Bob Ludlow’s, belief that he could create a better quality twist tie than the one he witnessed on his friend’s loaf of bread during an ice fishing excursion in 1966.

Decade by decade, he built the company by adapting to the landscape. He made sure to have a varied portfolio in which bakeries weren’t the sole industry that relied on us. During our earlier years there was a huge demand for garbage bag ties. Bedford also entered the home crafting industry with our ribbon wire; made mealtime convenient with our plastic TV dinner trays; and repurposed our plastics into plastic lumber.

Today, under third generation leadership, our product lines service more than a dozen industries and can be found in virtually every department at large retail stores.

You won’t be surprised to find our tie in the bakery aisle but expect to see them in the produce, coffee, candy, housewares and industrial aisles as well.

We developed the ElastiTag, a flexible elastomer loop that is the ultimate point-of-sale hang tag. Whether you’re strolling down aisles in the health and beauty, liquor, produce, or beverage departments, you’ll likely notice one of these attractive tags on some of your favorite products.

We welcomed CloseIt line to the family in 2018. Customization is the name of the game with these clips, tags, and flags, which most commonly service the produce and bakery industries.
We’re also depended upon in medical settings across the world. Our flexform wire is inserted in face masks and surgical drapes.

Our need in the medical world grew exponentially in early 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic swept the world. As it continued to spread domestically, the shortage of personal protective equipment became apparent.

In just one day, Bedford’s team of engineers extended the company’s ElastiTag line and created a face shield prototype. Within three days, Bedford received FDA approval for our ElastiShield® and began mass production.

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You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all mentality. That’s why every single Bedford product comes with a portfolio of customizable options so you get a design unique to your brand every time. Have an idea that we don’t currently offer? Our team is always innovating, so chances are if you dream it, we can make it happen!

Quick Turnaround

We understand how imperative our materials are to create an end product. That’s why we offer a competitive lead time to get materials in your hands as quickly as possible. Conveniently located in the Midwest, our transportation division quickly moves finished product from our floor to your warehouse.

“The Bedford Way”

Bedford is a proud, family-owned U.S. manufacturing company. We’ve coined our team the “Bedford Family” because we take care of and support one another. Our talented account representatives carry that mentality to service our customers, never faltering to provide human interaction and customer care that exceeds expectation.

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Bedford Tie Products

From twist ties to Double Wire Tin-Tie®, Bedford’s tie line is trusted in a number of industries. Get creative with our customizable options, such as color, pattern, print, and length. Looking to purchase bulk ties? We have spooling and perforated options to be compatible with your tie machine equipment.

Three bottles of Coffeemate creamer o granite countertop with ElastiTag red hang tags that say new look, same great taste.

Elastitag® Products

Extend your brand by adding a creative ElastiTag. These ultimate hang tag offers in-store marketing, helps brands launch new products, and offer special promotions or coupons. The colorful elastomer loop is flexible and stays in place for optimal shelf impact.

CloseIt® Products

Bedford’s CloseIt line brings both function and flair to bag reclosability. The customizable prints and shapes of the clips, tags, and flags give brands a unique way to communicate with consumers time and time again!

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